Foam Lite™ ConvaTec

Foam Lite™ ConvaTec

Dedicated to everyday

FoamLite ConvaTec dressings for your day-to-day needs - ready to protect, defend and nurture low to non-exuding wounds.

  • FoamLite ConvaTec

Dressing Size Pack Size Product Code
5cm x 5cm Foam Lite Dressing - 8cm x 8cm 10 421927
8cm x 8cm Foam Lite Dressing - 8cm x 8cm 10 421557
10cm x 10cm  Foam Lite Dressing - 8cm x 8cm 10 421559
15cm x 15cm  Foam Lite Dressing - 15cm x 11.5cm 10 421561
5.5cm x 12cm  Foam lite Dressing - 5.5cm x 12cm 10 421563
10cm x 20cm Foam lite Dressing - 5.5cm x 12cm 10 421928

To learn more about ConvaTec Foam dressings or to arrange a visit from your ConvaTec representative please call 1800 339 412

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