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Custom-fit moldable
skin barrier & pouch

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the only
skin barrier available that molds to your individual

I have used an extremely diverse variety of pouching systems since my surgery in 1965, and never dreamed that anything would come along that would work as good for me as this product. The skin under my barrier has been very healthy since switching to moldable.

- Bill Brown, Living with an Ileostomy since 1965

Are you tired of cutting your ostomy wafer?

Designed for Living


No cutting or guesswork for faster, easier pouch changes

Snug & Secure

Rebounding Memory Technology means a custom fit every pouch change

Skin Friendly

Made from clinically proven, skin protecting stoma adhesives


Thin and flexible, designed to move with your body

Here’s the best part...

The uniquely developed skin barrier ‘rebounds’ to fit any stoma shape and size.

How it all works



Simply roll back the smart, adaptable collar with your fingers then apply to your skin.



Molded material gently returns to its original shape to hug the stoma for a precise fit, no cutting required.



The adhesive gently expands and contracts with the stoma as it changes size throughout the day.



ConvaTec Moldable Technology™ provides a ‘turtleneck’ effect for even greater leakage protection. The skin barrier can absorb liquid output to gently swell around the stoma, creating a snug fit.

Please refer to instructions for use for full instructions


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