AQUACEL® Dressings

The right dressing can make a big difference.

A dressing designed in consultation with burn surgeons and nurses AQUACEL® Ag Burn helps to:

  • Minimize dressing changes and related pain1-5
  • Reduce risk of infection*6-7 due to ionic silver – a proven antimicrobial – that kills a broad spectrum of pathogens8
  • Customize the dressing to patient needs because it is available in larger rectangular sizes and various glove sizes

Building on Hydrofiber® Technology, AQUACEL® Ag Burn dressings, with the added benefits of ionic silver:

  • Gel on contact with exudate, and as the exudate subsides it adheres to the burn through the collection of fibrin between the dressing and the burn9
  • Conform closely to the wound bed, minimizing the spaces where bacteria can thrive10
  • Create and maintain an environment that is favorable to healing and is designed to detach during healing and re-epithelialization, without traumatizing the wound bed9
  • Offer wear times of up to 21 days (or until change is clinically indicated)
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With over 20 years of innovation ConvaTec's Hydrofiber® Technology gives AQUACEL® dressings powerful capabilities.

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Resources: Demonstration videos for AQUACEL® Ag Burn in action

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