Protect. Defend. Nurture.

AQUACEL® Family of Dressings

What Do You Need From Your Foam Dressing?

AQUACEL® Foam dressing helps reduce maceration

Vertical wicking locks exudate within the AQUACEL® layer of the dressing, which may reduce the risk of maceration of peri-wound skin†,2. This leg ulcer example shows how fluid is locked into the dressing and creates a mirror image on the AQUACEL® layer.

AQ Foam Comparison Image

AQUACEL® Foam dressing helps protect, defend and nurture

A. Protect
      Peri-wound skin against excoriation

B. Defend
      Against skin breakdown and maceration

C. Nurture
      Creates an environment to support wound healing

Results achieved with AQUACEL® Foam Dressing1 in this single case study

  • Improved quality of life for the patient
  • Managed levels of wound exudate
  • Reduction in localized maceration and excoriation
  • Autolytic debridement of wound slough
  • Reduced the number of dressing changes
AQ Foam On Presentation
AQ Foam After 5 Weeks

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