Protect. Defend. Nurture.

AQUACEL® Family of Dressings

Whatever You Need, Trust the AQUACEL® Foam Family of Dressings

Consider using AQUACEL® Foam dressings for exuding wounds, as a primary dressing on shallow wounds, as a secondary dressing on highly exuding wounds, and/or for skin protection as part of a comprehensive protocol of care.

AQUACEL Foam -Application-Ready to Perform

AQUACEL® Family of Dressings are Designed to Work Together With:


AQUACEL® Extra™ and AQUACEL® Ribbon dressings
Extra absorbency for heavily exuding wounds and/ or deep dermal wounds.

Aquacel Family - Work Together

AQUACEL® Ag Extra™ and AQUACEL® Ag Ribbon dressings
Extra absorbency for heavily exuding wounds that are infected or at risk infection.

Aquacel AG family - Working Together

Designed to Adapt 


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